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If you’re not scary, what kind of a monster are you?







Guess which movement doesn’t consider this inequality.

lol. the first part is all like “do the right thing. its quick and easy.”  then the second part is like “and, you dont really have a choice so it really doesn’t matter if its right or not.  you’re gonna do it. lolololol what even is free will?”

That kind of reminds me of Obamacare how they celebrated the people joining like they have a fuckin choice on to sign up or not sign up and get the asshole ripped out by taxes

"we were surprised by how many ppl signed up" WELL NO DUH!

What is this for?

In the United states, in exchange for the right to vote, get an I.d. , get a drivers license, get a student loan, ect., men (and only men) are required by law to sign up to be included in a draft and be at the government’s beck and call during wartime. Basically it is a fear that many men have that they will be forced to fight and die in war.
A lot of women don’t recognize this becuase, contrary to what they twll you, there are a lot of laws and rules in the government that only hinder men. they can vote and basically do anything without the risk of being forced into war.

since many women and especially Feminists have admitted to not being aware of this, it is a great example of society assuming that men don’t have worries, social obligations, and gender specific hindering laws. It’s basically the basis of people choosing not to fight to help men. They assume there are no inequalities for men to face and laugh stuff like this off. This is just one. There are many many different inequalities in our government that specifically harm men and are not considered issues of inequality by society or the feminist movement.

Seohyun reminding you that music has no barriers.

Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up, they will know the value of things, not the price.

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Make it rain



Taetiseo ‘Holler’ Teaser Pictures


I hate fanon Yellow so much. Like, the fandom paints Yellow like she’s a lame, super shy girl who’s in total love with “Red-senpai” but that’s not true at all. She’s actually one of the most badass characters in the whole manga and she deserves a lot more credit than she’s given. She saved the whole godamn world by fighting a dragon master on Lugia’s back with a team that many now would call NU when she was 11. If that doesn’t make you think Yellow is cool, get out of my godamn face.



I love the new personalities they have. It makes them far mo-wait.


Oh no.


This can only go well.


Pokemon Special Sinnoh Cast

(Kanto(Johto) (Hoenn)